50 Cent

50 cent Net Worth

Age: 50 cent is 45 years old (as in 2020)

Height1.83 m

Date Of Birth: 6 July 1975

Movies and TV showsPower, Get Rich or Die Tryin’

ChildrenMarquise Jackson, Sire Jackson

An Eminem/Dr. Dre protégé, 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson III) was born on July 6, 1975 in Queens, New York. Another rags-to-riches phenomenon, 50 Cent was reared by his grandmother. His mother, Sabrina, was a drug dealer, who died in an unexplained fire when 50 Cent was eight. At age 11 he began boxing; he was competing by the time he was 14. At age 12 he began dealing narcotics. Although he was arrested twice for selling drugs in 1994, for which he was sentenced to a year at Riker Island, he was released at the end of six months after earning a GED in boot camp.

As 50 Cent struggled to support himself, he began rapping. He recorded over tracks in a friend’s basement. In 1996, when he was 21, he was introduced to Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC. Jay taught 50 Cent such basics as how to count bars, write choruses, structure songs, And create hooks. By 2000, he had moved on from Jam Master Jay to release his debut album. Power of The Dollar. Although this album increased 50 Cent’s popularity, it failed to propel him to national recognition.

His slow rise in the rap world came briefly to a halt when he was shot by a gunman in front of his grandmother’s home on April 24, 2000. The gunman, alleged to be Mike Tyson’s body guard, fired 9 shots from a 9-mm handgun. he took hits on his left cheek, hand, arm, hip, and both legs. he Cent survived. This near-death experience profoundly influenced his belief in a protective higher power. It awakened a conviction that God had a mission for his life.

In 2002 Eminem heard 50 Cent’s Guess Who’s Back? CD. Eminem was so impressed that he invited 50 Cent to Los Angles to meet Dre. Dre agreed with Eminem’s assessment and signed 50 Cent to a $1 million record deal. 50 Cent was so hyped prior to his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ was ever released in February 2003 that it debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200. Rolling Stone praised its “dark synth grooves” as we;; as 50 Cent’s “..unflappable, laid-back flow”. To date, he has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. He has been awarded a Grammy, four BET Awards, and thirteen Billboard Music Awards.

Although 50 Cent declared bankruptcy in 2013, it proved to be a strategic legal move to preserve his assets from attachment during litigation involving a sex tape lawsuit and litigation filed by Sleek Auto over a headphone deal gone south. 50 Cent’s bankruptcy was recently discharged by The U.S. Bankruptcy Court after he paid $23 million to settle those creditor claims. Today, he has an estimated net worth of $155 million. This valuation reflects his bankruptcy discharge, income generated as co-star/executive producer of the Starz TV drama, Power, and earnings from his record sales. Once his investments in Frigo luxury underwear and SMS headphones show returns, 50 Cents’ net worth will only continue to grow in 2020.

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