Beste Uyanik

Beste Uyanik BiographyAge: Beste Uyanik is 32 years young(approx).

Born: 06/03/1987

Country: Turkey.

Home Town: Kutahya.

Current City: Istanbul.

Profession: Announcer /Journalist.

Channel: CNN Turk

About: Beste Uyanık is a journalist and announcer working for CNN Turk.


Beste Uyanık got her Fashion designing degree from Parsons School of Design.

She received her Master’s degree in Visual Communication and Media Arts from Pace University.

She studied acting from York Film Academy.


Beste Worked as an editor for several magazines and tv at the USA. She then returned to Turkey to join CNN Turk as an announcer.

Some of her Famous shows:
• City Municipalities .
• Private Sector.

Beste is hosting CNN Türk with the Closing Zili program every weekday.
She wrote a book The Art of Finding Big which was published in 2018.

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