Helen Willink(Jocko Willink Wife)-Biography,Facts,Stats and more

Helen Willink

Age: Helen Willink is 49 years old (as in 2020).

Full Name: Helen Louise Willink.

Date of Birth: 20th June 1970.

Ethnicity: White.

Nationality: American.

Home Town: London.

Current City: San Diego.

Husband: Jocko Willink(2013-Present).

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Helen is the partner of the retired USA Navy seal lieutenant commander, Jocko.

Helen Willink Biography, Wiki, Marriage, Children:

Early Life:

Helen was born in England on 20th June 1970, She worked as a Flight attendant in one of an aviation company before she met Jocko.

Marriage to Jocko Willink

Prior to the marriage, Jocko met Hellen in one of his flights and was mesmerized by her beauty in a flight.

They married shortly after that, the couple tied the knot covertly since the ex-Navy Seal would like to escape the limelight.

Hellen and Jocko Willink Children:

The bunch is adored by four beautiful kids, and they are Freja Willink born on 25th September 1999, Rana Willink born on 12th March 2001, and Thorson Willink born on 4th December 2002. Their last child is a daughter.

Helen Willink Height, Weight, Physical stats, and Networth.

Eye color:  Blue.

Hair:  Blonde.

Networth: $100 thousand.

Interesting Facts About Helen Willink

•Helen Willink is also a fitness enthusiast. While she isn’t as extreme as her husband, she works out at the gym when Jocko is not using it

• Helen has kept an extremely low profile social media on account of the character of her husband’s job. She has a Facebook account where she shares tidbits about her household with her friends.

• Helen is one of those few people who receive her husband’s dry sense of humor. She shares that she practically has to remind him times that she isn’t among his group men.


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