Lisa Joyner

Lisa Joyner

Lisa Joyner is quite a while columnist who is for the most part situated in Los Angeles.She hit the media business with her appeal that made her a most loved of many. She facilitated a portion of the hot shows in the persuasive channels. This gave her expedient universal acknowledgment. This is an article about her, you should make yourself agreeable as you read on to find out about this provocative excellence. Read all the way to the finish to know who she wedded to, do they have any children yet and numerous other fascinating subtle elements. How about we discover more about Jon Cryer spouse Lisa Joyner’s Total assets, age and Ethnicity.



Lisa Joyner was born on the last day of 1966. She celebrates her birthday on 31st December. She was born in San Diego California. Lisa is 51 years old as of the time of writing this article. As already mentioned, she is a popular TV personality whose current residence is Los Angeles, California, USA. She lives together with the husband and their adopted child, Daisy. Lisa Joyner Ethnicity is white.



Joyner is an embraced kid. This is likely one reason she raised an embraced little girl. At 30 years old, she started the look for her introduction to the world family which wound up effectively. She has completed two family finding related shows on various channels. To start with, she found ‘My Family’ that broadcast on ABC channel. It is a US rendition reality-based demonstrate that looked to enable adoptees to rejoin with their organic families. She later co-facilitated Missing Family on TLC. Chris Jacobs was her co-have in this show.


Married Life


Lisa Joyner is the spouse of Jon Cryer. The couple got married on the sixteenth day of June 2007. They are a glad couple that has one tyke. Their little girl, Daisy was conceived on eleventh August 2009. Lisa and Jon received this young lady soon after her introduction to the world. Lisa is the girl in law of David Cryer and Gretchen Cryer. The engagement of Jon Cryer and Lisa was first uncovered on ‘the today around evening time appear with Jay and Leno’ by Cryer.

All things considered, in the event that you have not heard it before Lisa Joyner isn’t the primary spouse of Jon Cryer. At first, Jon was hitched to one Sarah Trigger. Jon and Sarah were hitched in 1999, and their marriage finished in 2004 when they got separated. At the season of their separation, Jon and Sarah had one tyke. Jon wedded Lisa 3 years after he got isolated from Sarah Trigger.

Net worth

Lisa was conceived in 1966. She is 54 years of age as of the season of composing this article and will clock 53 on 31st December this year. She was brought up in Baltimore, Maryland. She was named Lisa Marie Joyner. She is the spouse of Jon Cryer.


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