Mahatma Gandhi

Quotes On Mahatma Gandhiji:

Mahatma Gandhiji is appreciated and admired by various world leaders here I am sharing some quotes by World leaders for Mahatma Gandhiji.


In part a tribute to the memory of Mahatma Gandhi. (When Dalai Lama 14th was awarded the Prize in 1989)
Peace Nobel Prize Committee

Around the world, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, what they did was hard. It takes time. It takes more than a single term.
Barack Obama

Global warming is, first and foremost, a challenge to the moral imagination… Gandhi used the word satyagraha, or ‘truth force.’ In American politics, there have been soaring moments throughout our history when the truth has swept aside entrenched power.
Al Gore

He’s somebody I find a lot of inspiration in. He inspired Dr. King with his message of nonviolence. He ended up doing so much and changed the world just by the power of his ethics. (In the reply of question: Who was the one person, dead or live, that you would choose to dine with?)
Barack Obama

We may all be happy and grateful that destiny gifted us with such an enlightened contemporary, a role model for the generations to come.
Albert Einstein
Bapuji, you might not be believing in violence and we have taken to arms. But basically we are on the same wave-length. You are motivated by the urge for freedom, we too are motivated by the same urge. The struggle that was started after your arrest on 9th Aughst1942 did not remain locked up only in India. That started the freedom struggle far and wide. It touched the hearts and minds of my army men and though they think, I am their leader, in fact you are our leader.
Subhash Chandra Bose


Movies on the life of Mahatma Gandhi


There are various movies on the life of Mahatma Gandhi; perhaps the most famous among them is the movie ‘Gandhi’ made in 1982. The movie, starring Ben Kingsley and directed by Sir Richard Attenborough, won 8 academy awards, including Academy award for Best Picture.


Mahatma Gandhi Universities


What’s in a name? A lot! On various Mahatma Gandhi Universities in India

Mahatma Gandhi himself earned a degree in law in from the University College London, in 1891. There is probably not a single town or city in India that does not have a place, road or monument named after the father of the nation. What is surprising however is that many Universities in India are named after him and hence share a common name! Following are the main universities with the same/similar title.

(1)Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala, India:-
This public university was established on 2nd October, 1983. Its motto, in English is Knowledge makes one immortal. It has been graded a not so high (B+) by the National Assessment and Accredition Council, India. As of 2012, the University has over 200 affiliated colleges spread over five districts in central Kerala. The University has made significant presence outside its territorial jurisdiction also – most within Kerala, and few outside Kerala including global locations like Ghana, Dubai (UAE), etc. The University enrolls 1,50,000 students on an average every year to 210 courses in graduate, post graduate and M. Phil./Ph.D. programmes through various departments and colleges. The University offers various academic programmes in the fields of Gandhian Thought, International Relations and Politics, Technology, Physics, Nano Science, Disability Studies and Rehabilitation Sciences, Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Rehabilitation Psychology, Behavioural Medicine and Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Nursing, Journalism, Chemical Sciences including Polymer Chemistry, Nursing, Hospital Administration, Environmental Sciences and Disaster Management among others.

(2) Mahatma Gandhi University, Andhra Pradesh, India:-
It was established in the year 2007. The University motto is Academic Excellence. It offers Bachelor and P.G. courses in various fields of education. It is located in the Nalgonda town near Hyderabad.

(3)Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya, India:-
It was established in the year 2011. Its motto is Education for All. The mission & vision of the University is centered around “making a difference” in the field of education. The university offers degree programs in many fields and also offers distance education program in certain fields.

(4)Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi, India:-
Kashi Vidyapith having present nomenclature since 1995 as Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi during the Non-Cooperation movement of the freedom struggle, on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchami on February 10, 1921. Its objectives are to strive to enhance and propagate:

  • The development of Indian civilization and culture based on spiritualism.
  • Homogeneous intermingling of all the sections of Indian society.
  • Coordination among different thoughts and cultures.
  • The notion of independence and patriotism along with the feeling of brotherhood and the urge to serve mankind.
  • Ancient and modern development in the fields of various disciplines of learning, sculpture, science, technology, etc.


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