Nehrin Mustofa

Age: Nehrin Mustofa is 33 years young(approx).

Country: Bangladesh.

Profession: News Presenter/Journalist.

Channel: ATN TV.
Past: Bangla Vision Channel(2007).

About: Nehrin Mustofa also known as Nehrin is a senior journalist and news anchor, she is currently working for ATN TV.
Favorite food of Her: Panta, Aloo Varta, and Ilish

Nehrin got her diploma in law from the University of London.
Nehrin got her Master’s degree in criminology from the University of Dhaka.


She started her anchoring career in 2007, she joined Bangla Vision as a news presenter. She worked there for 1 year. She then joined ATN network(May 2010 – Present ), she is currently working as a News Presenter at ATN News.

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