Richa Lakhera

Richa-LakheraAge: Richa Lakhera is 40 years young(approx).

Nationality: Indian.

Home Town: Dehradun.

Current City: Mumbai.

Profession:Entertainment Anchor/Journalist/Author.

Channel: NDTV (February 2003-present).

Past: Sahara News(January 2000- February 2003 ).


Richa Lakhera is an experienced television journalist cum anchor. She is one of the most rated entertainment anchors who reports about all stuff of Bollywood masala news.


Richa Lakhera got her Master of Science degree for Chemistry from Miranda House.


Richa Lakhera began her career at Sahara Samay as a correspondent. During her time at Sahara, she covered few general elections of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

In March 2003 she joined NDTV as an Entertainment News anchor. She joined there as a special correspondent.

Some of her Special Shows she conducted during her time as a special correspondent:

Night Out- This show was a daily live English Bollywood show which aired on NDTV 24 x 7.

Cinema India-This show was a Hindi weekly live on Bollywood which aired on NDTV India.

Raat Baki-Half an hour live entertainment show which aired on NDTV India every night, that show was all about Bollywood latest buzz, latest events, and entertainment news.

Cinema Ke Sikander- This show was a weekly show on Hindi film legends(NDTV India).
She has also anchored Good Morning India, Reality ke Raaz, Saas bahu Sansar, Mantrijee ke Glamour.
After her stint as Special corespondent, she got promoted as Associate Editor at NDTV.

She has also hosted famous shows like Bollywood Quiz show.

Now she is hosting a daily live half-hour show on the latest buzz of Bollywood,and a weekly show Spotlight where she interviewed Bollywood Celebrity.

She is also a prominent author who wrote a few books mentioned below:

Hungry Gods
Hungry Gods is the third book of Richa Lakhera. This book is published under Rupa publication on July 15th, 2018. This thriller crime novel is all about the sex taboo culture of India, this story is about a horrific crime and a revenge story which is beyond someone’s imagination.

Hungry God’s will give you a hard look at greed for wealth and power and will explore the dark world of narcotics.

Item Girl
Item Girl is Richa’s second book which is an intense, gripping account of the dark side of the glamour world.his book also get published by Rupa Publications on 24th 2014.

Plot: This Psychological thriller evolves around twin sisters Suhana and Sunheri –who share a horrific childhood.
Main protagonist Sunheri is a popular item girl who is accused of murdering her uncle, her sister Suhana who is an aspiring filmmaker has decided to give her sister justice but get opposed by their stepmother.
Can she give her sister justice?this mind-bending thriller will hold you hostages till the last page of the book.

Item girl receives positive reviews among the readers, here is what some eminent Personalities said about this book:

“Dark..Edgy..Twisted..Toxic! She takes you to the darkest of places into the savageness of the human heart!” – Tisca Chopra(Actress).

“ITEM GIRL is India’s first Bodice-ripper. Bollywood’s new genre “Choli-ripper” – Farrukh Dhondy .

“ITEM GIRL is a compelling whodunit. Highly recommended for fans of the crime genre“- Madhur Bhandarkar.

“A disturbing world full of twisted characters. This Item Girl is not just an item. This is a feature film material!” – Hansal Mehta(Director).

“In her second book on Indian entertainment industry, Richa delves into the dark side of the seductive world of Glamour.” – Irrfan Khan (Actor).

Garbage Beat
Garbage Beat is Richa’s maiden book published under HarperCollins Publishers in 2013. The story of Garbage Beat evolves around Laila who is an entertainment news reporter whose expectations of becoming an entertainment anchor will be going to be a glamour ride got ripped by many people.

The other main character of this fiction category book is her father who is ashamed of the career choice of his daughter, her ignorant boyfriend with whom she shared a room with. Another two characters are Latika and chiki,Latika is a Bollywood journo-turned item girl and Chiki is a reporter who is obsessed with Super Stars. This book will definitely be going to hold the reader’s nerve till the last page.

Here is what eminent filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt said about Garbage Beat:

Awards and Achievements:

Richa is the winner of the Indian Council for UN Relations (ICUNR) award for excellence in entertainment journalism.

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