Vijay Shekhar Sharma(PayTm Founder)-Biography, Age, Networth,Family

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Age: Vijay Shekhar Sharma is 41 years old as of 2020.

Date of birth: 8 July 1978.

Nationality: Indian.

Home Town: Aligarh.

Current City: Delhi.

Father Name: Sulom Prakash Sharma.

Mother Name:Asha Sharma.

Vijay shekhar sharma wife: Mridula Sharma. He married Mridula in 2005.

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Vijay shekhar sharma story and Introduction

The unscheduled telecast featured the Prime Minister of India on 8th November 2016 was the biggest blow to Indian citizens to counter black money post Independence.

It brought many citizens to their knees when the Demonetisation was announced. Fear, panic, confusion & violence broke out in the nation crippling everyone on their hard-earned filled wallets.

Despite all the commotion demonetization had caused, one man had an extremely lucky twist of fate when he launched PayTM in 2010 with their parent company, One97 Communications as a prepaid mobile recharge website. It soon developed into a digital wallet in 2013, little did he knew that fate had a place for him and would change millions of Indians in times of despair.

It was the time Digital currency manifested itself like a knight in shining armor. The word PayTM stands for ” Pay Through Mobile” which served as a platform to pay money in a digitalized way thus saving a lot of Indians from the demonetization move.

Currently, the company is valued to be over 3 Billion dollars which makes PayTM one of the most successful startup companies in India. The person behind this idea is none other than Vijay Shekhar Sharma who revolutionized the cash flow into Digital form.

Today It has some of the most influential people invested in PayTM notably Ratan Tata, Jack Ma and SoftBank.


Born on 7th June 1978 in a small town called Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. His father was a strict teacher that did not allow tuition to earn extra income and his mother was a homemaker.

He is accompanied by three siblings, two elder sisters, and a younger brother. He was a topper in class and graduated from a Hindi medium school at the age of 14! Since then he was referred as a child prodigy.

By the age of 15, he was given special permission to appear for the DCE Entrance exam since he was under age. In 1994 he joined Delhi engineering college, moving from a small town to a more developed and fast-paced society made him nervous as he was outside his comfort zone.

His life took a U turn for the worst as he didn’t know how to speak English as he was graduated from a Hindi medium school.

With the English language was the biggest problem, he slowly moved towards to back of the class, dis hearted and his grades started to fall for which he was bullied by his classmates. Ultimately decided to learn the language by reading a Hindi and English book simultaneously.

Dreamt of going to Stanford University but couldn’t due to lack of financial assistance. Mostly spent time on college computers during the classes he bunked.

During the 3rd year of college with the help of his batchmate Harinder Pal Singh, started a company called XS corporation on a college campus which was allowed as they managed their college website and emails for free.

One97 Communications

After selling XS corporation to Lotus Interworks, the USA in 1999 for $500k, and with the help of Rajiv Shukla co-founded One97 Communications in 2001.

Vijay was keen to start his own business yet again but fate had a surprising twist that turned the tables of misfortune again with the company making a loss from the dot com bust.

His father requested him to find a regular job to find a suitable match for him. It was his dark days where he couldn’t afford public transportation, walking 14 km to buy a low-cost meal from a street vendor.

As he recalled, two cups of tea were sometimes he had during the whole day. Even after defeat, with determination didn’t let his dream got to waste and again borrowed 8 lakhs from his family when he saw the telecom sector booming.

Hired 8 pandits’ to give astrology messages when Bharti Airtel was interested in creating astrology centers. A deal was struck with Airtel under the revenue-share model. Sharma worked hard with total determination in his mind that hard work always pays off soon turned the tables which shot up the revenue.

He notices that mobile phones are increasingly popular and decided to do something about it. By 2010, Vijay had a groundbreaking idea around mobile phones in the payment ecosystem.

The idea was initially skeptical to the board members and wasn’t convinced. Finally, he took a big risk and kept 2 million on the table believing that he could make it undeterred

PayTM- his success

PayTM means ” Pay Through Mobile” was basic stuff dealing with mobile recharges.

The Digital workplace was his playground that he kept on experimenting till he introduced PayTM Wallet. Since he knew that his idea was an exceptional one, his first target was the customer’s trust to gain goodwill.

A PayTM market place was soon launched. Ratan Tata and Jack Ma are one of the few people who had backed PayTM through funding.

The sudden demonetization move of higher denominations currencies held no value, a total of 86% of the total currency.

This single major move boosted PayTM to new heights. It exponentially saw an increase in registered users a day after the demonetization move, a staggering 700% rise in overall traffic on the PayTM platform and 1000% growth in the value of money added to mobile wallets.

To this day, PayTM had broken the record by means of payment network in the country with a record of 5 million transactions a day that processed over ₹ 24,000 crores by the end of the fiscal year.

His company also created a Twitter and Facebook account to address any complaints with an immediate response.

His name was featured in Economic Times as India’s Hottest business leader under 40. PayTM’s aggressive expansion includes investing in GOQii, InnerChef, Intelligent Interfaces to name a few.

Vijay recently invested in MobiQuest which targeted marketing using data analytics and consumer loyalty programs to help boost the online and offline channels.

He has also bought a majority stake from for 35 crores.

His plan to make PayTM a bigger bank than a traditional one by surpassing its current count of 200 million to 500 million PayTM wallets by 2020!

Vijay Shekhar Sharma Profile and Facts:

vijay shekhar sharma net worth: Vijay Shekhar Sharma the Son of a schoolteacher from a small city has a net worth of 2.4 Billion dollar as of 2020.

vijay shekhar sharma education: He finished his bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in Delhi Technological University.

vijay shekhar sharma email id: His official email address is [email protected].

vijay shekhar sharma twitter: Vijay Shekhar is quite active in Twitter.He has more than 357.1 k followers in twitter.

He followed more than 857 people on twitter.

vijay shekhar sharma Linkedin:click here to go to his Linkedin account.


1) His perseverance is one of the strengths that truly paid off. Even when he was in a dark state in life, surviving a bare minimum that has taken him to new great heights.

2) His down to earth personality recalled by some of his colleagues that he doesn’t call someone worker or employee rather uses the word teammate or colleague. Since he knows the importance of teamwork, he values his teammates that helped him achieve great importance.

3) The pure determination was his unique gift that has made up the man he is today. Learning a different language in a fast-paced world with little help from friends. Even multiple defeats from life didn’t move his path to become a successful person!


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